Annual Report 2023

Making a Positive Impact Wherever You Are

Letter from the team

We're thrilled to share the highlights of Wanna Gonna's impactful year.

In 2023, our team expanded, enabling us to support more non-profits and broaden our thematic reach to education, animal protection, and ecological living.

The dedication of our growing team has been the driving force behind our success. Their commitment has allowed us to make a positive impact in diverse areas, thanks to the transformative power of online volunteering.

Looking forward, our goal for the next year is to extend our support to more non-profits and expand our reach globally. We believe in the borderless nature of mutual aid and aim to create a ripple effect of positive change worldwide.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to Wanna Gonna's journey. Whether through time or spreading the word, your involvement has been crucial.

Join us in the upcoming year as we continue our mission to amplify the impact of non-profits globally.

Thank you for your unwavering support!


Wanna Gonna Team

Anket, audrey, kimberly, stéphanie, Thomas

The Team




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japan ambassador


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About Us

Imagine a world where people come together to solve social issues, where you can lend a hand and make change happen.

That's where this free platform steps in, a place where kind souls and NGOs/NPOs meet to create a better tomorrow.

It's all about the power of teamwork, tapping into each other's unique abilities to make a difference.

So let's unite and start making magic happen!

Together, we'll turn the world into a better place.

Our history

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Beta version of the platform

2 NPO supported

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Launch of the platform

4 NPOs supported

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Our team is growing

10 NPOs supported

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Next year

Broaden Our Reach: Expand Team Internationally and Connect with More NPOs

Where We Work

Virtual space can connect non-profit organizations and volunteers, eliminating the need for a physical location.

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Our volunteers

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NPO members

The Year in Numbers



On going / completed







Key Projects of the Year

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Introducing the New Request Management System on the Platform

Improved UI/UX, better request listing and filtering, and streamlined application process to support more NPO requests.

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NPO Founder Interviews:

a series of articles soon to be published

A project plans to publish articles next year that showcase the individuals behind non-profit organizations (NPOs) to inspire others to do good.

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Digital Transition Toolkit

Our team started to collaborate with two NPOs to create a digital application that guides institutionalized children towards independence. This project is still in progress.

Our target next year

Platform improvement

Enhanced volunteer profiles

Event Calendar

NPO Social Space

Monthly Newsletter

NPO Supports

Digital Transition Toolkit Released

NPO Founder Interviews

Support more NPOs

Connect with more volunteers

The NPOs we support

Education / Child Welfare

Mental Health


Animal care/protection